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Director of Research, a Christian, married with three kids


Director and Research Fellow in Digital Theology of the new CODEC Research Centre for Digital Theology within the University of Durham, and, for 20% of my time, Research Fellow at the Department of Theology and Religion in the University of Durham. We explore the interfaces between theology, media and digital culture, focussing especially on religious communication, theology and sacred texts (especially the Bible), aiming to research and transform religious discourse within and about new digital media. The centre provides a focus for international research into the impact of the digital environment on religious tradition, practice, and education, and explore religious identity within the digital world.

Born in Plymouth, Devon

Moved to Lancashire in my early years...where I went to school and became a Christian in Sixth Form - great me about it.

I had a year off between school and going to Uni in mid-Wales. I took Latin and Greek and gained my degree there. At the end of this I felt God calling me into ministry in the Methodist Church and so I put my name forward.

I trained for three more years, gaining a PGDip in Theology and then an MA in Biblical Studies.

After a short posting in the East Midlands, I was appointed as NT Tutor at Cliff College in 1995. Been there ever since having a great time!

In 2004, I was finally awarded my PhD - the subject is a postmodern reading of John's prologue. The thesis is being published in Feb 2006 by T & T Clark in the Library of New Testament Studies Series. The process of proof-reading and indexing is now underway. Once that is out of the way, a commentary on the whole of John might be a possibility...

My friend Yaz says the PhD is very historical-critical. If you know me, you know how much of an insult that is! Yaz, I can't wait to read and comment on yours!

I stayed at Cliff a long time - the longest I have stayed anywhere. Things were sometimes tough...especailly towards the end.

After Cliff I had two jobs - Secretary of the Methodist Church's Faith and Order Committee and Director of Research for Centre for Biblical Literacy at St John's College, Durham ... and now I have one - well, kind of...


indian food, emerging church, umberto eco, films, swimming, walking, weblogs, arts, roland barthes, jacques derrida, literary theory, michel foucault, postmodernity, stanley hauerwas, jesus in film, intertextuality, alternative worship, creator-centred spirituality, interpreting the bible for today, mike riddell, doug coupland, spring harvest, tate modern in london - love the cafe on the top floor...and lots more. i would love to swim off the great barrier reef!