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July 08, 2004


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great thoughts pete. i'm so naffed off that this site that was being launched has taken so many more days. but i'd love it if you can add this into the ether/conversation when it does.....

good seeing you


I wasn't there, Pete, but I enjoyed your thoughts in any case. There's lots of things in the 'emerging' world that need a thorough analysis - you've raised lots of good points here. More please!


Don't worry Pete, no brutality taken, and I think you've probably bettered your chances! Emerging Church = Greek for 'Up for a scrap about ideas'? I hope so!

Apologies for not being able to come over more balanced on Tues, I'm sure you appreciate the difficulties of making complete sense from a standing start talk, and (I hope) the book provides some equilibrium. Hope you enjoy it, and look forward to batting the ideas around further.

There's going to be a discussion board on the companion website thecomplexchrist.com As I said on Tues, I don't feel I'm the expert with all the answers - I wanted to just put them into the public domain - so it would be great to move them forward with through debate there, and I'd love you to be involved.

It should be out in the next week or two, even though the official date is August 20th.


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