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September 23, 2004


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I liked the curious incident, I thought I'd easily tire of it's very flat style "I did this and then I did that ..." but I didn't. I found myself not pitying the hero but actually getting annoyed with the other characters when they couldn't understand him or ran out of patience with him.

As for his not liking yellow or brown and all that, well I have a few things I don't like for no rational reason - chinks in curtains being one, my husband doesn't like the feel of metal. So I feel I have no room for sneering at someone else's oddities.

There was no sense of God in the book, that's right, but I think there was a great sense of beauty in the order of mathematics. I think that someone who couldn't see the very obvious love of his own father for him would really struggle with understanding a God of love. Someone who clung so strictly to rationality would have a hard time accepting the unexplainable. However, I think there would be a way to introduce God to him - as someone who gives order to chaos, a more reliable superstition than counting red cars every day.

That's a bit of a futile excercise though, I can't introduce God to a fictional character!


come on Pete! God is EVERYWHERE in that book. It is a while since i read it but i went away with a profound sense of God in the detail, the tiny, the things that pass us by... not to mention God in the complicated and God in the messy... The beauty is in him, Christopher, it is in his way of seeing the world.
I also have to say U shouldn't just write someone off coz they're only a children's author. There's loads of books out there at the moment that go beyond children's fiction and yet remain children's fiction at the same time. Just read 'Wolf Brother' new out and it was fantastic.
Tek care, nice to hear from you after your summer break!!

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