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September 27, 2004


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Reality and Truth, that's a hard one. I'm not much of a philosopher but I'll give it a go!

I'm not sure I can equate reality with truth so easily. I certainly wouldn't think of myself as not really real even if I know I don't have a total grasp of the truth.

As I understand it, reality is about whether something exists. Truth is more about understanding, knowledge and authenticity.

My understanding of the manic's "this is my truth, tell me yours" is that it really is just a kind of shorthand for "I'm pretty sure I know the truth and I know you feel the same way and those two 'truths' seem to contradict one another but we could either argue about it till kingdom come and make enemies of each other or we could sit and listen to each other's stories and respect each other's point of view so lets do that. It's probably more fun and in the end we'll probably find out we're closer than we thought." So I do think that Jesus is the truth (and the way and the life too) and I will try and persuade others of that truth and I will work towards understanding it better myself. But I'm not going to stop listening to other people's versions of the truth, because they may well have found something I've missed.

I think (but I'm not entirely sure) that a real reference to a real event is interpreted, but it is possible to interpret it consistently and authentically isn't it?

Oh and I agree the Da Vinci book was very very silly. Actually, in some cases, the opposite of what you said is true too - once you know one so called fact is completely wrong, you seriously doubt all the rest. I knew incredibly little about the knights templar or Da Vinci, but once I'd come across a few glaring errors (dead sea scrolls - Christian??) I began to doubt the whole lot!

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