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October 22, 2004


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language eh?! now i think you are misreading mike's use of bugger - i read it as a friendly 'you cheeky bugger', but then you may have thought that as well and i am misreading your ending as sounding put out when you are being ironic and cheeky yourself... just goes to show how complicated all this virtual communication is without the tone of voice/facial expressions etc... it's hard to tell whether the tongue is in the cheek or not. i think mike said everything he's resaid here at the day in sheffield but then i did hear him in three locations so i may be wrong... it seems totally reasonable to suggest you misrepresented him in that - why do you feel put out by that? (when i read your post i thought it was bit accusing about mike if i'm honest) and mike and alan have joined in the conversations here, on steve's blog and wherever else in a totally reasonable fashion. i love your conversation that you have documented with alan. why are you making a deal of this? i don't get it. what makes you say emerging church can't debate when that is what is happening? if a few people get put out so what?....


Pete, I formed my initial thoughts about Hirsch and Frost's ideas through their book. The more I hear about their tour, and readng these e-mails here and some of the comments on blogs elsewhere, it sounds to me like they have something really imporatnt to say about evanglism, church and 'blokey' men. Maybe the problem is in trying to make a universal missiology out of something that is very particularised? They are right that there are slabs of the world that some styles f gospel presentation don't reach. I also share your misgivings about their loose and hyperbolic use of Church history to make a missiology. But maybe this is why it isn't chiming home, when it's obviously being vastly useful in the home context of Forge?

Michael Frost

Oh bugger! I seem to have offended you by calling you a bugger on your blog. Well, I'll be buggered. Being misunderstood does hurt like buggery. Never a truer word spoke though, Pete, you are my brother, you bugger!

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