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March 04, 2005


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My mother has been given the task of leading a 2 hour workshop on 'Jesus in Film' at a local churches together lent study day. She has limited time to prepare and is envisaging it as a 'show some clips' and then discuss kind of event. Any suggestions what she might read (ideally in terms of chapters rather than whole books) for some background?


Hi Pete, nice to see you're back :)

Did a bit in my first year about images of Jesus, the 'buddy Christ' from Dogma was fantasticly cheesy!


Hurrah- pete you're back!

http://www.matrixfans.net/symbolism/messiah.html worth a skim read re matrix symbolism, think the guy that wrote it got a bit carried away though!

P.s. think you owe me an email!
Rave safe

Simon Fogg

I see from the Spring Harvest home page that you are doing the Bible Readings week 1 with Gerard Kelly at Skeg. Look forward to hearing this particular double act in action as this is the same week that we will be going. Hope you do a tremendous job.

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