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April 23, 2005


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Dave Faulkner


I'm no Doctor Who fan and while you were gripped by that tonight I was cleaning up and bathing a yogurt-drenched daughter. However one immediate gut reaction comes to mind: is it really surprising there is no spirituality in the new Doctor Who when its author is Russell Davies, who also of course wrote The Second Coming, to which you also allude? He's a declared atheist, isn't he? Wasn't that one of the reasons The Second Coming was so controversial two years ago?

Coupland, of course, has spirituality all over the place in many of his novels - Generation X, Microserfs, Hey Nostradamus to name but three. Although he told Brian Draper in an interview in the Church Times that he was convinced the books of the Bible had been altered, he still often seems to me to be like the 'Almost Christian'like King Agrippa of Acts 26.

Phil Smith

Hey Pete,
Just walked into my lounge while preparing my tea to see a sneak preview of next weeks Doctor Who. Must confess i haven't really got into it yet, but heard the Doc say
"There's a man alive in the world who wasn't alive before. The whole world is different because he's alive"
and thought of your blog. Preachers get your videos ready!

Phil Smith

Just realise you can check the trailer out at http://www.bbc.co.uk/doctorwho/video/index.shtml should you so desire!!!

Paul Saxton

I guess I can see where you guys, but no mention of religion etc....are you sure? I say this simply because there are religious moments in films like I Robot.

I must accept that there maybe no mention to Christianity, Buddhism directly but there are many traits to a religious organisation. Robots, who live by the three laws (Ten Commandments shortened), have replaced humans in some ways in I Robot, they are controlled by their God, the big computer, I cannot remember the name now, but they are her disciples.

Dr Who (allot better in its younger days) also has its moments of religion. Dr Who a modern day Jesus perhaps...but I agree it would be great to see what the Gospel according to Dr Who would look like.

I would agree that the names of Christianity and Buddhism maybe no existent but religion certainly still has a part to play in these films and maybe that’s me reading to much into it, but I would say its definitely there.

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