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July 22, 2005


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Might want to check out Steve Bush's blog, always informative.



You should also lok at Steve Taylor's Emergent Kiwi at http://www.emergentkiwi.org.nz/ and perhaps Mark Pierson at http://www.urbanseed.org/journal/mt/mp/


you should check out www.mootblog.net as well they are doing some really interesting stuff in westminster, london...


Hey pete
check out http://www.emergingchurch.info/blogs/index.htm for a comprehensive list of emerging blogs!
have a good hol!


Just found this list too...
(nicely alphabetized!)

Dave Faulkner

E-church: http://www.e-church.com/
Next Reformation: http://www.nextreformation.com/index.html
Simple Church: http://www.simplechurch.co.uk/
Jordon Cooper: http://www.jordoncooper.com/
Paul Roberts: http://alternativeworship.org/paulsblog/

Hope that helps to keep you going.

In the meantime, noting that your post comes out of a conversation regarding Fresh Expressions, let me sugget we need a frank conversation about the conflict of values between the emerging church and the historic denominations. I'll try to post something mischievous on my blog. I just hope it doesn't get me a disciplinary charge.

Dave Faulkner

I forgot:

Emerging Evangelism: http://www.emergingevangelism.com/

By the way, I've now written that mischievous post I promised: http://davefaulkner.typepad.com/dave_faulkner_life_spirit/2005/07/fresh_expressio.html


You could also try http://nordicinfluence.crossnet.se

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