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September 12, 2005


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Loren Rosson

Hi Pete,

Quizfarm does have some fun tests. I took the moral and ethical alignments quiz and seven deadly sins quiz a while ago. The one you mention wouldn't apply much to me, however.


Hey there.
You have some really nice intrests on your list on the about page. I like to read literary theory myself. I study nordic literature, so it's a part of my studies.

Have you read Beaudrillard? I love his writings.


I wouldnt worry, I got the same comments, obviously not the best! Sacrament? Its a weird one, but thats what the thing says!

Your model of the church is Sacrament. The church is the effective sign of the revelation that is the person of Jesus Christ. Christians are transformed by Christ and then become a beacon of Christ wherever they go. This model has a remarkable capacity for integrating other models of the church.

Sacrament model

Herald Model

Mystical Communion Model

Servant Model

Institutional Model




My apologies for the 'fruity' language...but there's just something about Michael Winner's smugness that seems to bring it out in me ;-)


I laughed when I saw it! I agree. Umberto Eco has a wonderful Lombardese phrase – ma gavta la natta – it means “take the cork out” – I think it has some rather obscene overtones. I love to think it or even say it with a kind of itlian flourish when I see people like Winner – “ma gavta la natta, Winner”

Great blog btw!


Tony Myles

Maybe if more people in the church took this test we would have less of them trying to hook up with the wrong kind of church.

Wait a minute... is there a wrong kind?



Hook up with - you make it sound like a dating agency! I know the Church is the Bride - but Christ is the Bridegroom, I thought! Mmmmm...

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