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March 19, 2013


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Tim Bulkeley

Watching the first one, whose main content has concerned me for some time, I realised that his closing appeal was the second time this week someone has hoped people (en mass or organised as corporations) would act altruistically. While I am sure individuals do, I am less convinced that societies or corporations do :(

How likely is it Google or FaceBook will change their algorithms if the change means less income?

How likely is it that NZ consumers will en mass stop paying tradespeople in cash to avoid the tax?

Unlike the TV presenter or Eli Pariser I live in a fallen world :(

Tim Bulkeley

PS this blog does not seem to have a comments feed, so I can't subscribe to automatically hear if you or someone else replies... that would be a good feature to enable :)

Pete Phillips

Good comment and I think you are right to be wary. But surely the issue is with the format. Speakers are asked to speak for 15 minutes and be personable and exciting rather than fully worked through and proven. That means so much of the talks on here tend towards the aspirational rather than the real. But some good starters for ten, no?

Pete Phillips

I've enabled the comments feed, Tim. Thanks for the prompt.

Tim Bulkeley

No, I don't think my complaint is with the format, I think the format is great (I love TED talks). My beef is with the conclusion of the first one. He seems to assume that because it would be better for everyone if Google and Facebook (followed by all the smaller fish by some providential shoaling instinct) were to act against their own interests and serve us "unbiased" results.

Because I believe the world to be broken ("fallen") I do not expect this to happen! I am tired of listening to well intentioned people hoping that the world will somehow "do what 'we' know to be best".

So 90% of the content of the first talk gets an A+ but the conclusion gets a C-


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